The Influence Of The White Coat

Influence of the White Coat

The Influence Of The White Coat

I was talking with my husband and shared with him how a doctor’s recommendation is usually followed without full patient comprehension. Which raised the question. Why do we behave this way? We don’t fully comprehend our diagnosis, we can’t pronounce recommended treatments and yet we still agree to accept. Could it be the lack of knowledge from us? Or is it the fact that traditionally its just what you do. In modern times we are thankful for the advancements that science has played and the technology that the field has to offer. The people whom wear the white coat that are fueled with real passion, dedicate their time and knowledge and sacrifice day in and day out to save lives deserve the utmost respect and gratitude.

Influence has the power or capacity of causing an effect without apparent force or direct command. The fact is that we have far worse more diseases in modern times than in past times with more advances in science and medicine. Which i ponder to ask, do our prestige institutions and medical treatments need more of a focus on balance of simple natural organic remedies? and if so, who influences it.

When you visit a doctor, you probably assume the treatment you receive is backed by evidence from medical research. You may also think that this treatment wouldn’t be so common if it were dangerous and didn’t work. Truth is that the most commonly used treatments in America are not as successful as you think they should be. The recommended treatment for my mother’s particular case for Kidney Cancer is “Aldesleukin” or “Proleukin”. When we asked the Oncologist what the success rate of this treatment was, they answered 10%. So, is it really worth risking it for 10%? I don’t know, but what I do know is that most people will risk anything for their loved ones, even if theirs a 90% chance that this might not work and damage your body along the way.

If this information doesn’t raise questions, then I’m not sure what will. We settle for 10% because we aren’t given all of our options. We settle for 10% because we lack confidence in turning our back on what is considered “normal”. We settle for 10% because we just don’t know any better. These common treatments that are being used are building our death total. These are the same treatments causing long term health problems.  I was in denial for a long time because I could not possibly believe that the medical industry puts its pockets before human beings. We are so brainwashed to follow instruction that our Common sense completely diminishes and we become subject of the system.

Most often doctors go to school for 8-12 years to learn Medicine. Nutrition is a part of their curriculum however it doesn’t offer the quick relief and solution that patients demand.  Despite the neglect of nutrition in medical education, Doctor’s are considered the most trusted sources for information in relation to health. But if the cure exist within nature then why do we mostly rely on quick alternative methods instead of using food as medicine. Instead there’s more of a focus on cutting people open which only offers patients temporary relief because there is a focus on treating the problem and not the source of the problem. The white coats are on the front line to what is driven by pharmaceuticals and big businesses which also influences state regulations and insurance plans.

This raises more questions. Why are we as a society so easily influenced with having surgery but the minute you have to change your lifestyle it becomes dreadful. We always want to find a short cut by going to the Doctor’s office in a health crisis and expect our problems to be resolved with a pill, an injection or antibiotics that are is filled with chemical compounds. We are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge, and the sad part is we do it to ourselves.

  • Ari
    Posted at 14:15h, 22 December Reply

    Agree! I believe that for a long time we have been blinded and just follow what we are told is right. Things will slowly change, people are starting to speak up, research and take a stand for what they believe in, just like you! Keep it up! Love your blog and the way you see life! ❤️

  • Yolanda Benitez
    Posted at 19:49h, 12 January Reply

    Great blog! It’s thought-provoking and informative. A topic that is an integral part of our lives, a conversation that we must have in our communities. It is imperative to educate our self, families, and friends in preventative care. The key to making everlasting changes is to educate ourselves in the power of food. Nutrition, Excercise, and Meditation. Unfortunately, the reality is that the Doctor role is not to educate us in preventative care (something we must do on our own) but to “take care” of the aftermath. I respect Doctors and NOT all Doctor are ill-intended. However, they work under the bureaucracy and politics of health insurance and pharmaceutical companies and like all business is about profit at all cost.

  • gift of life
    Posted at 20:20h, 31 January Reply

    “The Influence of the White Coat” can be explained if you dig in to research. For some reason, foundations left and right are pouring $ into the “health INDUSTRY”. Of course not all physicians are ill-intended. Many excellent physicians out there, It’s just that there are MANY UNINFORMED practitioners. And those described in “The influence of the White Coat” are ones who are simply “in business”, nothing else; you are not their mother, father, brother,sister, son or daughter, and they are there making money, whether you get healed or not. Can you imagine if they only got paid if you were healed? Ha! I bet you they would all be researching ways to heal you instead of :treating your symptoms…

    The Christian observer website posted information that explains the new “flu”. They say that they are spraying it in the sky in the chemtrails they spray. Check this out!!

  • gift of life
    Posted at 20:28h, 31 January Reply

    This site also explains these disease “outbreaks”:

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