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Frequently Asked Question

Q: My place doesn’t have too much natural light will my microgreens grow?

A: Yes they will! Microgreens don’t need an excess of sunlight in order to grow. Place it by a window and you are good to go.

Q: How long will my microgreens last?

A: It is best to harvest microgreens as needed vs harvest all at once. To properly store them if needed take a paper towel and lay at the bottom of a container then loosely place microgreens and seal tight in a refrigerator.

Q: If I’m getting started what do I need?

A: Our Mothagreens grow kit has everything you need to plant and harvest in a week.

Q: My Microgreens are wilting (when the leaves are sagging or limp)?

A: Wilt is caused by underwatering or too much heat.

Q: I have a question not listed?

A: Please Email: