Immune Boosters

Immune Boosters

We need to take care of ourselves during all of this time of uncertainty. The western diet is designed to suppress our immune system, allowing diseases and foreign invaders to easily enter and take over. I am happily sharing with you some of the items i use for myself and my family to keep our immune system strong and powerful!

Mary Ruth’s Organic Liquid Elderberry
Price $23.95
This is definitely a household favorite. My boys love the taste and momma loves the benefits. Elderberry is the fruit of the Sambucus tree. It has been used medicinally for generations to help boost immunity and fight the cold & Flu. Elderberries give anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and also contain many vitamins such as Vitamin A, potassium and Vitamin C!
(Used for Adults and Children)
My Kind Organics Elderberry Immune Gummy
Price: $23.99
What i love about these gummies is that they don’t contain any Gelatin (pork), No added sugar and its Non-GMO. With all of the Elderberry benefits listed above, they also added Vitamin C, Zinc & Echinacea (a plant). Echinacea is used for fighting the flu, aids cell growth, potentially reduces the risk of breast cancer and reduces inflammation just to name a few.
(For Adults and children 4 and above)
Colloidal Silver Sovereign Silver
Price: $34.99 for dropper
Price: $12.99 for first aid gel
Colloidal Silver is a mineral supplement that contains a mixture of ultra pure water and ultra fine silver particles. Colloidal silver is said to reduce inflammation, it is a virus preventative, kills bacteria growth, it is toxic to cancer cells, fights intestinal bacteria, treats ear infections, cures sinusitis, wound care and skin health (Eczema & other skin issues), & fights pneumonia just to name a few.
Oregano Oil
Big Bottle Price: $29.99
Small Bottle price: $14.99
I have been using Oregano oil for as long as i can remember. Its a natural antibiotic a powerful antioxidant, and i always use this to treat cold and flu symptoms. Oregano oil has many benefits of usage. It improves gut health (digestion), has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which helps fight off the fungal infection…cancer. Oregano oil is very potent, the small bottle in the image is pure oil (very spicy) and the bigger bottle is for children and taste sensitive adults because it is mixed with cinnamon oil which also have a wealth of benefits. My boys make a face because it does have a kick to it but they love the taste.
Probiotic Gummies
Price: $16.96
This is an all year Item for my 6 year old. It is very important for me as a mom to find vitamins that are free of artificial things! No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or even preservatives. And my fav… NO GELATIN!! (pork). This probiotic has 1.5 Billion live cultures and prebiotic fiber. They say all disease starts in the gut? Well this keeps my boys with a happy balanced gut as there immune system is constantly developing. Plus it taste great!
Kids Multi Vitamins
Price: $20.79
This is another everyday item. I am constantly being reminded by my kids to have this. There is over 35 ingredients in this and they are all organic non-gmo fruits and vegetables. With Vitamins ranging from A, C, D, E, K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Zinc, Selenium, i mean should i keep going? (This is for children 4 years and older.)
Vitamin C
Price: $8.99
The good old Vitamin C! Do i really need to list these health benefits? Vit C is a vital nutrient. It helps form and maintain bones, skin ad blood vessels. People with higher doses of Vitamin C, their wounds and cuts heal faster, and may even have reduced chances of developing cancers. These only contain 310mg but i like to take over 1,000.
Venus Fly Trap
Price: $27.29
The actual Venus Fly Trap plant has two leaves that look similar to that of a mouth. What seems to look like teeth are short stiff hairs called trigger hairs. When a insect or spider crawling around the leaves contacts a hair the trap snaps shut.
The Venus Fly Trap dropper is something i used with my mother while she was battling cancer. When you have cancer or the Flu its because our immune system has been compromised. Juice from this plant stimulates the immune system and the chief active ingredient is believed to treat Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma as well as solid tumors by catching them. Venus Fly trap has been used for treatments of wounds, respiratory diseases like pertussis, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, and to treat coughs. This at one point was used to treat scarlet fever, small pox and measles.

With Love,

Miss Rehab Ramdass

Yesenia Ramdass

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  • Jolanny
    Posted at 18:13h, 16 March Reply

    Where did u get these? And how much is the silver?

    • missrehabramdass
      Posted at 19:19h, 16 March Reply

      If you google the name of the brand and kind of product you will find it. Some from Amazon some from MaryRuthsorganics and some from the Vitamim Shoppe! The silver was $9.99 for the dropper and $14.99 for the aid gel

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