About us

In a city of more than 8.3 million people, nearly one in every 106 New Yorker is homeless. That’s nearly 80,000 men, women, & children. Every night nearly 4,000 people sleep in the street or subway stations and are collecting enough money to potentially buy the cheapest most affordable food to keep themselves alive.

Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to give back whether it was through volunteering or fundraising. Each time left a special place in my heart with a sense of true fulfillment and gratitude for life.

After starting my restaurant in NOVEMBER 2021 I Immediately felt the need to do something to support my community. In honor of my mother Elsa Maria Garcia who lived by the value of never letting anything go to waste, especially food! I introduce to you our plant-based meal sharing program: Elsa’s Wish. She always saw the value in what might be insignificant to one person and repurposed it with love. Growing up witnessing my mother give to those less fortunate left a resounding effect on the way that I live my life. I am so happy that this program will honor how she lived her life and will impact so many other lives with a clean plant-based meal.


Dedication to bring plant-based foods to as many people as possible.


Elsa’s Wish is an organization that believes everyone should have access to healthier plant-based foods in all communities.


Providing plant-based meals despite the persons economic status