Capitalizing On Our Ignorance

Capitalizing On Our Ignorance

Are you being manipulated into constantly buying things you don’t want and certainly don’t need? I know I always am! Big corporations spend Millions of dollars each year in marketing to the public with misleading messages that heavily control the decisions we make around food on a daily basis. Big corporations use their wallets to stay deeply rooted in our government and gain power over legislation and regulations. For every truth backed by science that doesn’t benefit them there is misleading information that they put out there, and with their capabilities there is no limit to how far their message can reach. These messages that often contradict factual evidence backed by science only suppresses the truth and creates confusion.

The root word of ignorance is ignorant which by definition is “Destitute of knowledge or education, lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified, resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence. Unaware, uninformed”.  Everything you know today was learned, it was taught. When you walk into our school systems our children are being taught so that they to can follow the agenda. An agenda of maintaining a mindset of following a daily routine. Do you remember when you were in school, what was the staple drink on your lunch tray?… GOT MILK?!

Remember slogans like this? Urging us to buy more MILK because our children need stronger bones, calcium and vitamins. The marketing behind milk is the perfect example of marketing suppressing the truth. Dairy foods have never been shown to build stronger bones. The idea that dairy foods is a good way to get your calcium is completely wrong. “IT IS MARKETING, NOT SCIENCE! Drinking milk for nutrients is like smoking cigarettes for oxygen. The dairy lobbyists encourage them to market it. There is no physiological reason o scientific reason, all of the research shows that dairy does not build stronger bones” -Dr Milton Mills

I sometimes look at the most “educated” people around me and think, WOW! If these people are fooled than what’s left of the people who don’t have a so-called education. They teach us that being smart is going to school, learning our country’s history, mathematics and eventually getting a degree to go get a job in the real world. Imagine believing that you are educated but are actually unintelligent. What’s the difference between the two you might ask? Well being educated is being able to articulate knowledge and facts in depth based on your learnings on a particular subject matter. As for being intelligent means, to have the mental capacity to reason and reflect.

Let’s take a look at the history of cigarettes. Before clinical studies could even be conducted it was obvious that with the irritation and shortness of breath that cigarettes were unhealthy. Companies used catchy slogans such as “Smoke to your throats content”, “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere” & “More Doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette”. As you can see despite the evidently health side effects from smoking cigarettes people all over the world despite gender, profession, & a knowledgeable audience smoked cigarettes. The catchy slogans through media, TV & billboards may sound ridiculous but advertisers will stop at nothing to exploit every possible resource. From celebrities, sex, doctors, holidays and even children.

Now I want you to think, have you ever been educated on ingredients? Has anyone ever taught you how to identify chemicals in your foods, lotions, deodorant, cosmetics etc.? It’s unfortunate but this is when logic needs to kick in high gear so that you are able to question the things that so many generations before us have deemed as acceptable.

In recent years the government and large companies have been exposed in how money is the motive behind all decision making at no cost. Companies are spending Millions of dollars in marketing that is subliminally being directed to us and our children every single day in every single angle. Television, the internet, music, billboards etc…

It is extremely difficult to break the cycle, to step outside of your daily routine. Companies are consistently looking for the next big strategy to keep you sucked into the vortex of that cycle. Social media picks up on what accounts you are looking at, key words you are searching and automatically you start to see sponsored content on the exact same thing you might have been looking at before. Every company has a loyalty program designed to learn about you to create or predict your next desire. Toy companies advertise heavily on Saturday morning because children are not in school & my favorite (NOT!) pharmaceutical ads that show you the visual of someone living a happy life pain free with a voice over listing 20+ side effects that by the way can cause cancer and death in some cases.

How do you reduce the temptations to give in to the flashy strategic marketing that always seems to be speaking to your needs? In simple terms you have to increase your awareness and ask the questions… How, and Why?!

You are surrounded and targeted by many different messages, you should feel empowered to question these campaigns to see if its really for your best interest.

Your next decision on the product you choose is just as important as oxygen is to life!

Don’t be a victim, take control and make informed decisions.

With Love,

  Miss Rehab Ramdass

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  • Vanessa vera
    Posted at 13:11h, 05 March Reply

    Wow thank you for this blog, I need to start taking control of what I feed my body!!!

    • missrehabramdass
      Posted at 22:52h, 05 March Reply

      Yes!!! You are so welcome, the choice begins with you! You have the power to make informed decisions 🙂

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